3rd Dec. - 5th Dec. 2018

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania



Financial services industry is a consistently changing and so are the professionals within it. The East Africa Financial Services Expo has been designed to be a modern day event for the financial players in East African countries. Headed by the leading event organizer Deogratius Kilawe C.E.O of excel Group Africa/MIKONO EXPO GROUP.EA-FSE will deliver a market leading Forex agency, banking, insurance,Money gateway solution provider, social security funds and over 60 industry exhibitors across the 2 days event. This will be the largest body of intermediary delegates in after implanting successfully similar event in Tanzania 2016. EA-FSE makes the most of unique 'zones' for exhibitors to cover a broad range of markets including but not limited to; Mortgages, Insurance, Commercial Lending, Protection, Alternative Lending, Legal, Distribution, and Technology.

Furthermore, East Africa Financial Services Expo stands for innovation and quality. Our exhibitors will include a wide range of companies, these will include but not limited to Insurance companies, banks, social security funds, Microfinance Institutions, and Payment gateway solution providers. The purpose is to niche service providers alike who all recognize its supporting role in a better-connected, better-informed industry. Our event will be designed not just to help our clients to do business but it will also designed to help them to do better business, creating more informed intermediaries, more networking opportunities and more chances to share your products or services with your customers.

Who should attend?

Professional attendance at East Africa Sign Expo is comprised of Signage companies, Outdoor and Indoor advertising companies, led TV screening advertising companies, digital printing companies and decision-makers from key industry categories such as retail, Hotels & Restaurants, health institutions, higher education, hospitality, digital out-of-home networks, transportation and systems integration/installation, to name a few. Generally,our qualified attendees are decision-makers and buyers in these categories; Furthermore, Over 100 exhibitors feature technology and services including Signage companies, Outdoor and Indoor advertising companies, led TV screening advertising companies, digital printing companies, media players, software, networking devices, delivery, content and more. Over2000 professional buyers are expected to attend the East Africa Sign Expo from different part of the globe.

About the Tanzania East Africa Financial Services Expo

East Africa Financial Services and small Business Expo is designed to cater specifically to an ever-changing industry. The landscape of the financial services industry is constantly adapting, and so are the professionals that work within it - that's why EA-FSE is tailored to help intermediaries get the most out of the event. EA-FSE takes a wealth of industry knowledge and brings a market leading lineup of high street lenders and a huge range of industry exhibitors under one roof. The program will have seven expos (events), these will include: Financial services Expo will be under seven expos-

  • Mortgages business expo
  • Insurance Expo
  • Social security fund expo
  • Lenders Expo
  • Payment Solutions Expo
  • Venture capital expo
  • Small Business Expo

East Africa Financial EXPO

The East Africa Financial Expo consists of the expo and conference for retail financial service provider, online investment traders and a place to network with affiliates, partners and introducing brokers from the retail financial sector, making it the first B2B and B2C experience in East Africa, hosted in Dare salaam, Tanzania. A “must exhibit and attend” event for all active financial services brokers, online investment traders, banks, financial investment firms, broker / financial firm solution providers worldwide.

Experience live trading online, live trading competitions, select the best transparent financial services brokers, banks, investment firms, latest in cutting edge financial technology solutions available today. The expo gives exhibitors a chance to showcase their up-to-date solutions, investment opportunities and very latest developments in the fast-moving world of financial services, online trading and investment world. East Africa Financial Expo will help you find the best Investors, High Net worth Individuals, Brokers, Affiliates and Partners. Network with worldwide Brokers and Financial Service Providers under one roof at the event

EFor the 2nd time in East Africa, The East Africa Financial Expowill be an essential sales and marketing resource for top financial products-and- services in the financial sector and ensure investment and online trading industry providing unmatched lead-generation, valuable face-to-face networking opportunities, and superior advertising that delivers proven results.

1. Mortgages Business Expo Project

As the financial markets expand, MBE Expo is the way to grow business profile for Banking sector and meet new customers. The company can find out the latest on legislation and speak with lenders and service providers that cover a wide range of finance sectors – equity release, retirement plans, bridging finance, commercial funding and secured loans.

MBE provides the perfect environment for meeting the main players in the finance sector. Many lenders and service providers exhibit at our Expos and they are available for face to face discussions to answer any questions, also providing the opportunity to build your network and develop your business. We also run a full programme of informative seminars with high level speakers from major financial providers, regulators and market experts.

2. Insurance Expo

Insurance Expo is the event for insurance company looking for fresh ideas for nurturing existing business and sourcing new market. We also have over 30 Booth from 12 local insurers on board. As for now Insurance Industry has change a long due to technology and this kind of changes needs to know to Public and new prospects. Current in East Africa Insurance market is very huge unfortunately it is not yet taped even 20% of it. This Market needs to be mobilized aggressively and this platform is the right tool for that.

3. Social Security Fund’s Expo

This is the only expos in East Africa where major social security funds will participate under one roof and sell their products to different people .These shall include NSSF, PSPF, PPF, GEPF, LAPF and others.>

4. Lenders Expo

The exhibition and seminar is open to anyone with an interest in Commercial Finance. We are expecting to have more than 50 lenders under one roof. Our annual Lender's Expo offers a great opportunity for continuing education, networking and gaining insight to the industry. We are designing the event in such a manner that it is an entertaining affair with plenty of good-natured banter amongst the exhibitors and attendees. Addition to that our focus is make sure that the majority of our exhibitors will return year after year wanting to take full advantage of the opportunity to meet up with the players in the industry

5. Payment Solutions Expo

The Payment Solution Expo 2016 consists of the expo and conference of companies who have designed payment solutions or selling Payment Gateway Software. These include those who have come up with soft wares used in banking and in making payments. This will be a platform for them to exhibit their businesses and an opportunity for financial service providers to get information on how can they benefit from their payment solutions This is the only expos in East Africa where major social security funds will participate under one roof and sell their products to different people .These shall include NSSF, PSPF, PPF, GEPF, LAPF and others.>

6. Venture Capital Expo

Venture Capital Expo is the right venue for Venture Capital firms and providers to meet with entrepreneurs, start- ups and promising business in order to create funding opportunities for such businesses. As the Expo will go hand in hand with other expos such as Small Business Expo this is the right place for venture capital firms to exhibit and meet with their potential clients

7. Small Business Expo

Small Business Expo brings together thousands of business owners and decision-makers to shop for products & services from vendors. The Small Business Expo is devoted to the development of small and medium sized enterprises, providing an invaluable platform for small businesses to market their businesses and interact with prominent business leaders and representatives from a number of corporate companies. It’s the ideal platform to stimulate business growth and motivate both current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Venture Capital Expo

Who will attend?

EAST AFRICA FINANCIAL EXPO will be attended by;-

  • Banks
  • Small Business owners
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Companies with Interest with Small Business
  • Microfinance Institutions
  • Brokers
  • Social Security funds
  • Investors
  • Managing Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Real estate Companies
  • Insurance Companies

Who will attend?

There are several benefits for the participants both exhibitors and sponsors EA-FSE . These include but not limited to;
  • Meet residential and commercial lenders who are actually lending and supporting mortgage intermediaries
  • Hear from the most influential keynote speakers who will deliver practical intermediary advice and direction
  • Learn about new revenue streams for your business and solutions for your clients
  • Access key suppliers delivering essential revenue opportunities
  • Attend the seminars and hear the latest from your industry
  • Discover where the market is going through the trends and forecasts
  • Talk to your local BDM
  • Assess specialist distributors who can offer you niche, commercial and short term lending solutions
  • Trial the latest sourcing and back office IT systems which will have an impact on your business profitability
  • Develop your business model and optimize it for the future market
  • Discover how to attract more of the right clients at the right price
  • Appearance on the Billboards
  • Media coverage includes radio, television, newspaper, and potential video production
  • Banners: Your Company logo/name will be prominently displayed on banners surrounding the perimeter of the playing area, where all the action occurs. Banners are viewed by up to (how many) spectators at the event, and are likely to appear in tournament video, photographs, and local and national media coverage.
  • Logo promotion: Your Company logos will be distinctly displayed on event shirts, advertising discs, event website, press releases, posters, flyers and other promotional materials.
  • Sound promotion for Your Company will be presented on high profile local radio stations leading up to the event, and will be mentioned at frequent intervals throughout the event.
  • On-site product display and sales opportunities for Your Company.
  • Access to the audience for 5 minutes on the stage
  • Free attendance to seminar:10 Platinum Tickets – including photo with speakers
  • 3 VIP tickets
  • Stall at Venue and own banners

Official Video:Tanzania Financial services Expo 2016

To secure the best possible position at Expo, Please contact:

  • Exhibition Manager
  • Mikono Speakers Ltd
  • Email: sales@mikonospeakers.com
  • Tel: +255 717 109 362 or +255 682 897 280